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Case Studies

Here are some representative samples of our areas of expertise.

JobBOSS Scheduling Add-On

Our client, a small machine shop, found that the standard JobBoss scheduling capabilities left them scrambling to make delivery commitments each month. Their on-time delivery rates and overtime costs were unacceptable. We were able to program a custom add-on for JobBoss which used Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) techniques to optimize their schedules and provide more visibility to scheduling problems.

Custom Reports from QuickBooks

We're experienced in mining data from QuickBooks and generating financial reports in a variety of graphical formats.

Custom Project Management Application

When an engineering services client had need for project management software to control chronic schedule slippages, we stepped up to help. Together, we identified key requirements, and determined that none of the available commercial or open-source project management software had the right mix of ease of use and advanced features. We created a custom application that requires minimal training and project management effort, yet offers sophisticated drum-buffer-rope schedule analysis through their bottleneck, which was the drafting department. And we did it in a cost-effective manner.

Inventory Management

Leveraging our in-house TOC and VMI expertise, we developed an application to minimize inventory for one of our clients based on a moving average of consumption and inventory history. The application featured parameters to tune the system such as the desired confidence level of not "parting out", "noise" filters to smooth out spikes in demand, and ordering lead time.

Shipping Automation

To improve efficiency in the shipping department of a client, we installed a bar-code reader and label printer at the shipping work center. A little custom programming, and voila! The shipping clerk could scan the traveler on the parts to ship, which would automatically fill in most of the shipping information in the UPS shipping software, generate custom labels, and packing lists.